This course combines the best of NLP with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to create a powerful system of trance-formation.

Here you will learn
* How to hypnotize others * self hypnosis * access trance states* * hypnotherapy for fears and phobias * posthypnotic suggestions * * memory improvement * improve health and metabolism* use hypnosis for weight loss and elimination of other habits * hypnosis for artists and athletes* compliance exercises * boost self confidence

1.The 12 Hypnotic trances people experience during the course of a day.How to utilize them when they come up for persuasion and communication.

2 Learn the art of tonality. The 9 tonal shifts you can use to induce deep trance phenomena

4. Demonstrate classic hypnotic techniques; hand catalepsy, amnesia,fast time, slow time dissociation

5 Learn the Milton and Meta Models; two exquisite language systems that allow for the emergence of hypnotic phenomena and conversational flow

6 Learn embedded patterns, conversational postulates and common phrases that will sway your client and customer

7 Self Hypnosis. Learn 3 ways to induce deep relaxation

8 How to induce amnesia in others and communicate your message to their unconscious mind.

9 Learn Hypnosis techniques to be more relaxed, focused and resourceful.

In this workshop you will try out these techniques in cafes , restaurants and other venues where people meet.

Please call the institute at 1-800-249-6017 for future hypnosis workshops.