JUNE 15-16, 2019

Most of us live in different trances in the course of a day and knowing which to use makes a huge difference in the outcome of your communication be it as a therapist, coach or businessperson

In this 2 day intensive course you will learn powerful hypnotic patterns as an application of NLP. We will go into embedded commands, conversational hypnosis,  regression techniques, analogue marking all taken from Ericksonian hypnosis model.

These patterns are effective in therapy, counseling and sales. This is a perfect course if you are thinking of switching careers, increasing your income or becoming a more effective counselor/therapist.

Some of the patterns you will learn include

  1. Age regression. Used for the treatment of trauma and resolving pass memories

  2. How to induce amnesia.

  3. Help yourself or others with pain control

  4. Hand catalepsy

  5. Hypermnesia- Enhanced ability to recall past events.

  6. Fast Time / Slow Time patterns

  7. Conversational hypnosis and sleight of hand patterns.

  8. Double Inductions/ Pattern Interrupts

  9. Embedded commands

  10. Direct and Indirect Hypnosis.

  11. PTSD and Trauma Resolution

  12. Fast Phobia Elimination

Day 1 and Day 2 can be taken together or separately

Day 1 will be more therapeutic applications of hypnosis

Day 2 will be sales,business applications and marketing copy

The price full weekend is $297

Each day separately is     $197

No previous knowledge of NLP or Hypnosis is required



This course combines the best of NLP with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to create a powerful system of trance-formation.

Here you will learn
* How to hypnotize others * self hypnosis * access trance states* * hypnotherapy for fears and phobias * posthypnotic suggestions * * memory improvement * improve health and metabolism* use hypnosis for weight loss and elimination of other habits * hypnosis for artists and athletes* compliance exercises * boost self confidence

1.The 12 Hypnotic trances people experience during the course of a day.How to utilize them when they come up for persuasion and communication.

2 Learn the art of tonality. The 9 tonal shifts you can use to induce deep trance phenomena

4. Demonstrate classic hypnotic techniques; hand catalepsy, amnesia,fast time, slow time dissociation

5 Learn the Milton and Meta Models; two exquisite language systems that allow for the emergence of hypnotic phenomena and conversational flow

6 Learn embedded patterns, conversational postulates and common phrases that will sway your client and customer

7 Self Hypnosis. Learn 3 ways to induce deep relaxation

8 How to induce amnesia in others and communicate your message to their unconscious mind.

9 Learn Hypnosis techniques to be more relaxed, focused and resourceful.

In this workshop you will try out these techniques in cafes , restaurants and other venues where people meet.