A Workshop: For Clients and Health Professionals

Whether you are a health professional or a someone suffering from PTSD / Trauma this workshop will prove to be of invaluable help.

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health problem that afflicts some after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault.  

22 soldiers commit suicide daily to escape the torment caused by their PTSD. Its been estimated that over 20% of the population will develop some symptoms of PTSD during the course of their lives.

The PTSD and Trauma epidemic is so widespread and pernicious that a pilot study of MDMA administration will be conducted in 2020 on a selected group of veterans.

In our workshop you will learn 6 powerful approaches that have been shown in clinical trials to eliminate symptoms of simple PTSD by 87% and effect its reduction by 92% all in one single session.



We start the day studying the neurochemistry of PTSD and Trauma.This is then followed by focusing on cutting edge non-invasive technologies designed to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma. 

Here you will learn:

1 How to diagnose Simple from Complex PTSD and design a suitable treatment for each.

 2. How to gain trust with guarded and defensive personalities.

 3 Eliminate simple PTSD in one session.

 4 What do you do when someone has no conscious recall of trauma?

 5 How to work with a history of war trauma and survivor's guilt

 6 Working with blackouts experiences, missing time and night tremors

 7 Reassociation /Imaginal Processes and their application in recovered memories.  

 8 The strengths of Rewind, Avatar, Fast Phobia Process, NLP, CRM and Havening

 9 Help your client build a more robust future.

10 Follow up studies.

For safety and depth of work this workshop is limited to 8 people. This will be a hands-on and safe environment for all to work. All techniques start with an on-stage demonstration and then participants break up into practice groups.

Workshop Coming Soon.

Tuition $297

guest speaker                     : Dr. Lionel landre PH.D



Lionel holds a Ph.D in Neuroscience and is a research fellow at Tohoku University, Lyon France. His studies focus on brain correlates of episodic and working memory in patients suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder following sexual abuse"