December 16, 2018, January 12, 2019, January 19, 2019

Our weekend NLP training program is an intensive one day program where you learn the core fundamentals of NLP.

These include:


1. Rapport Building - How to connect and influence anyone including difficult clients.

2. Meta Model - How ask the right questions for rapid change.

3. Reframing -How to change the meaning of any situation quickly and easily.

4. Strategies - How to spot and install strategies to create rapid change.

5 The Swish - A powerful technique to eliminate any compulsion, smoking, overeating, nail-biting in a matter of minutes.

6. How to use conversational hypnosis to bypass objections and client resistance.

7. Learn storytelling to communicate your ideas quickly and easily.

8 State Management How to trigger peak experiences for work and play.

Cost of the day long program is $149

If after attending this course you feel you are ready to register for Practitioner Certification we will apply the cost of this course to your tuition

Are you ready?




Our certification program is a 10 day intensive program that covers core NLP
fundamentals and basic to advanced NLP patterns.This is for those who want to take their NLP knowledge to the next level. Intensive experiential coursework is combined with classroom instruction.

Here are some of the subjects covered:

 1. Rapport - How to quickly connect with anyone using verbal and nonverbal behavior.  Learn to disarm difficult people immediately. 

2. Meta-model - Learn to define your goals with precision. Create contexts that exist well within your control. Learn to implement and carry out your goals to completion.

3. Re-frame - Spin any bad situation into a good one. Create larger contexts that open up doors. Discover the positive intention behind any behavior.

4. Anchoring - Induce peak emotional states in yourself and others. 

5. Strategies - Elicit strategies from yourself and others that will help you become a better communicator.

6. Sub-modalities - Learn the difference that makes the difference in
 language and success.

7. Change History- Remove limiting beliefs in yourself and others quickly and painlessly.

8. Milton Model- Use conversational hypnosis for therapy and sales.


Basic and Advanced Patterns

1. Swish Patterns. Become competent in visual, auditory and kinesthetic swishes

2. New Behavior Generator

3. The Outcome Frame and Future Pacing

4. 6 Step Reframing

5. Set up signals for connecting to the Unconscious

6.  Standard V/K dissociation

7. Change Personal History

8  Fast Phobia Technique

9. Timeline Utilization



This year's fall program begins in Jan 19 and meets one weekend a month until May 2019.

The dates are:  Jan 19-20,2019, February 9-10,  March 13-14 2019, April 13-14, May 11-12

If you miss one of the weekends you can make it up thru Skype consultations.

Once you have completed the 10 day / 100 hour program you become eligible to be certified as a NLP Practitioner by the Society of NLP which was created by Dr. Richard Bandler. Dr Bandler personally reviews all the practitioner certification requests.


There are many NLP centers  but THE NEW YORK NLP INSTITUTE is one of only a few in NY that is a member of the Society of NLP, the only certifying body endorsed by Dr. Bandler. 

If you are ready to learn NLP experientially and exponentially then you have arrived.

BY NOW you are probably asking yourself how much does the program cost?

A better question might be how much is a NEW LIFE worth to you? A life of
fun, pleasure and possibility?

How much will it cost you to keep holding on to those limiting beliefs and behaviors?

Ready to say Yes to NLP                  

The NLP Practitioner Certification is only $2197.  

We have different payment arrangements to accommodate your financial needs.

Regular Tuition: $2197 (Payment plans available) (A deposit of $495 will reserve a place in the training)
Regular Tuition for Seniors (65+), Full time Students and when registering with significant other: $1797

Early Registration Discounted Tuition$1997 when paid in full one month in advance. Deadline to take advantage of early bird of December 31, 2018

Early Registration Discounted Tuition for Seniors (65+), Full time Students and when registering with significant other: $1597

If you find another NLP Practitioner/Coach training that offers the same high quality training with trainers of comparable expertise and experience that meets the hours and standards of the Society on NLP let us know and we will match their price.