Where else will your learn communication skills that will dramatically increase your success in all areas of your life? 

As a salesperson see you sales shoot right through the ceiling

As a therapist be able to help others ease their suffering, get more referrals and be able to command $200-$300/hr.

As a parent LISTEN effectively TO your children

As a teacher zoom in on the needs of your student

fEEL confidenT to communicate with anyone and understand their language




"The NLP Training Weekend with Dan Abella was a new experience for me in that Dan introduced new concepts and new ideas and gave examples, then the participants put these new ideas to work through the structure of NLP. I found the class to be very rewarding and it has already helped me in my professional interactions."

Gabrielle J. , Manhattan, NY

"I have attended a number of NLP Trainings over the past two decades and consider NLP to be one of the best frameworks ever formulated to grasp and apply"

Leonard J. , Manhattan, N.Y


" NLP is a great system of communication that enables you make
sense of this crazy world we live in.Dan Abella and his staff are
very patient and meticulous in teaching you and walking you thru
the steps to become a better communicator. As a Physical therapist
I have found NLP an invaluable tool in putting my patients at ease and
increasing the healing process"

Dana Taylor , Brooklyn NY


" I still cant believe it!! I was falling behind on my pre-med courses and looking to drop out completely Med school seemed like a dream..a friend told me about Cyberreading, sceptical at first , I decided to take the plunge and go for it. After finishing 2 weekends of CYBERREADING, I felt a strange sense of confidence growing in me. I found myself studying better for my exams,my reports become more insightful and my grade GPA jumped in one semester from 3.1 to 3.5 all thanks to Dan and his crew at the NYNLP institute.
Now, I have a fighting chance of getting into Med school.

Thanks Dan!!!! "

Harold Jonas, Boston University


"On a recent trip to Israel, short after stepping off a long bus ride I started feeling sick. Uncertain where to go and afraid of complications I begun looking for a hospital. Now the area I was wandering was a deserted strip of highway in the middle of nowhere..I needed a hospital fast..and then it hit me Wham!!! like a lightning bolt where to go. A short shelter less than a mile from the bus station. I turned out I had read a whole travel guide of Israel minutes before using CYBEREADING method, and the data came at me quick and just in time. I thank CYBERREADING for averting a potentially serious sickness."

Joe M, Astoria, NY


" CYBERREDING is a must have for the Internet Age"

John P. , Manhattan, N.Y.