Hailed by Psychology Today as one of the greatest breakthroughs in communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), represents an owner's manual for the human mind. NLP is a methodology which encodes the successful communication patterns of great therapists, writers, artists and scientists.

 Today NLP is used by Fortune 100 companies, therapists, consultants; health professionals. Celebrities like John Bradshaw, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey are some who have studied NLP. Television shows such as the MENTALIST, or LIE TO ME and LEVERAGE all incorporate NLP themes.

In school you were never taught explicitly the art of communication you learned what you know by instinct or if  you were lucky from good communicator. This will be your opportunity to become an expert in human communication.

NLP is a set of tools to help yourself and others achieve their goals,dreams and aspirations.

The New York NLP Institute is run by Daniel Abella who received his training from Dr. Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP in 1994. All practitioners certified by the New York NLP Institute are certified by The Society of NLP, the only certifying body endorsed by Richard Bandler and Associates


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