What does Tony Robbins, Barack Obama, Steven Covey, Grant Cardone, Gary V. and other high ranking influencers have in common?

They All Studied NLP

Hailed by Psychology Today as one of the greatest breakthroughs in communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), represents an owner's manual for the human mind. NLP is a methodology which encodes the successful communication patterns of great therapists, writers, artists and scientists.Today NLP is used by Fortune 100 companies, therapists, consultants; health professionals.

You’ve heard the adage “Is not what you say but how you say it” 85% of behavior is non-verbal so is essential to understand this if you want to make a difference in people’s lives.With NLP you will understand and utilize non verbal communication rendering you a powerful communicator.

Television shows such as LIE TO ME, THE MENTALIST and LEVERAGE all incorporate NLP themes.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will make you an outstanding communicator and persuader. The skills are used in therapy, sales, negotiation and family relations

Now, you are probably wondering by now how I get achieve my goals like Tony Robbins. In this free report I will outline for you the 5 tools Tony uses that makes him an explosive communicator ( and he will never tell you !)

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Fall Workshops


NLP Meta Track Certification

Saturday October 5 - Sunday October 6

This an intensive certification program teaching the world’s most powerful coaching and sales technologies.Whether you are into education, sales,counseling, coaching, marketing this course will add new tools to help you achieve your goals and satisfy your clients.

If you are wondering about becoming certified in NLP, this is the course for you.

Here are some of the coaching and persuasion tools you will learn:

1. Rapport - How to quickly connect with anyone using verbal and nonverbal behavior. Learn to disarm difficult people immediately.

2. Meta-model - Learn to define your goals with precision. Create contexts that exist well within your control. Learn to implement and carry out your goals to completion.

3. Re-frame - Spin any bad situation into a good one. Create larger contexts that open up doors. Discover the positive intention behind any behavior.

4. Anchoring - Induce peak emotional states in yourself and others.

5. Strategies - Elicit strategies from yourself and others that will help you become a better communicator.Learn motivation strategies and learning strategies.

6. Sub-modalities - Learn the difference that makes the difference in
language and success.

7. Milton Model- Use conversational hypnosis for therapy and sales.

Basic and Advanced Patterns You will Learn

1. Swish Patterns. Become competent in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic swishes

2. New Behavior Generator / Learn the patterns of successful people.

3. The Outcome Frame and Future Pacing

4. 6 Step Reframing

5. The Threshold Pattern

6. Persuasion Techniques

7. Timeline Utilization

Since this is a very intensive weekend seating will be limited to only 8 participants so Register early!!

Where: TRS Studios, Third Floor, 40 Exchange Place, NYC

Tuition $297


November 16-17


In this 2 day intensive course you will learn powerful hypnotic patterns as an application of NLP. We will go into embedded commands, conversational hypnosis,  regression techniques, analogue marking all taken from the Ericksonian hypnosis model.

These patterns are effective in therapy, counseling and coaching.This is a perfect course if you are thinking of switching careers, increasing your income or becoming a more effective counselor or therapist.

Some of the patterns you will learn include:

  1. Age regression. Used for the treatment of trauma and resolving pass memories

  2. How to induce amnesia.

  3. Help yourself or others with pain control

  4. Hand catalepsy

  5. Hypermnesia- Enhanced ability to recall past events.

  6. Fast Time & Slow Time patterns

  7. Conversational hypnosis and sleight of hand patterns.

  8. Double Inductions Pattern Interrupts

  9. Embedded Commands

Where: TRS Studios, Third Floor, 40 Exchange Place, NYC

No previous knowledge of NLP or Hypnosis is required


Nov 13 to Dec 4

7PM - 9PM

Learn the fundamentals of NLP ( Neurolinguistic Programming) every Wednesday starting Wednesday July 31 and running for 4 weeks until August 21. Every Wednesday will focus on different skills and practices.

Registration Fee $ 197

Where:TRS Studios, Third Floor, 40 Exchange Place, NYC


Sunday Nov 17

10AM- 6PM

NLP Bootcamp is a powerful one day immersion program that teaches you some of the most powerful communication fundamentals used by top executives, salespeople, therapists and educators alike.

Let’s face it communication is paramount today- isn’t this so?

NLP Bootcamp is made for the busy person who like yourself has not time to waste on gimmicky approaches but wants effective and immediate results.With this in mind we have distilled the very best NLP patterns and techniques so that by the time you leave the workshop you will experience a QUANTUM LEAP in your communication.

You will FIND YOURSELF becoming a more persuasive communicator gaining more clients, making lifelong connections and become more confident in the way you approach the world.

Some of the techniques you will learn include:

* The 5 most important tonalities that make a HUGE difference in the quality your communication

*The 7 tools for radical sceptics.These questions are BS detectors and will let you know if the person. place or thing is real or fake.

* Quickly zero in on people's “personal language" and immediately become more persuasive and trustworthy

* 3 techniques to access "THE BETTER YOU" so you can remain above all the drama and gain access to all your resources

* 5 techniques to banish negative thoughts, lousy internal self-talk and self-sabotage.

* Learn the secrets of body language and establish rapport and trust in less that 5 minutes

This a crunch take no prisoners NLP bootcamp, so get ready to work and have FUN



Where:TRS Studios, Third Floor, 40 Exchange Place, NYC


Our 10 Day Practitioner NLP Training

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Dan Abella has been training with me for many years and recognizes the importance of staying up to date with my latest developments in NLP. I recommend his training”

- Richard Bandler, Co-Developer of NLP

Reach about NY NLP Institute Trainer Dan Abella in Metro NY




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